Tom Edwards

Tom is the proud owner of Rampage Flight Academy. Born in 1973 in Boulder, Colorado, Tom was later introduced to the art of aerobatics and high performance biplane flight training by John Blum in his very early 20's. That first biplane flight with John changed his life forever. John became Tom's mentor and flight instructor throughout his early experience with aviation and aerobatics. The passion and appreciation for aviation that John instilled in Tom is what drives him to create the experiences he does with his own clients!

Tom spent his early years pumping AVgas at the Boulder airport as he worked to earn his ratings. Later, he towed gliders and specialized in Tailwheel and multi-engine instruction as a young CFI. Subsequently, he flew as a skydive pilot in Longmont. After graduating from Metro State College Denver's Aviation program, he flew LearJets as a Charter co-pilot at Centennial. He was then hired by Air Wisconsin Airlines to fly the BAE-146 aircraft based in Appleton, WI, as well as in Denver.

In 2003, Tom was hired by Frontier Airlines in Denver and currently flies the Airbus 320 series aircraft as a Denver-based Captain.


Wyatt Barber

Wyatt is another capable flight instructor at Rampage Flight Academy. Born in 1991, from Merino, Colorado, Wyatt caught the aviation bug while watching low flying agricultural pilots as a young kid. His deep passion for flying lead him to attend Aims Community College and graduate with an Associates Degree in Professional Aviation.

After earning his commercial certificate, Wyatt was offered a job flying the Pawnee towing gliders at Mile High Gliding. He decided to eventually make this position part-time in order to join the Rampage team. At Rampage, he took his first flight in the Pitts and hasn't looked back since. He started training in the Pitts shortly after completing his CFI. After the Spring of 2016, Wyatt started participating in competitions and instructing aerobatics lessons.